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What is the ADCI?

The American Dream Composite Index™ (ADCI) is a unique and robust measure of American sentiment that values the American Dream on a monthly basis. 

The notion of the American Dream encompasses our behaviors, attitudes and satisfaction with economic conditions, personal well-being, societal and political institutions, cultural diversity, and the physical environment. 

The ADCI reveals what people living in the United States do, strive for, work for, wish for, and ultimately, hope for as they assume multiple roles, including but not limited to, consumers, parents, children, students, employees, employers, parishioners, voters, etc.

The ADCI is 65.3, up 1.49% ▲ from last month

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Eye-Opening Results

"Sixty-four percent of people living in the U.S. would consider relocating to a community where it is easier to achieve the American Dream"

"Over half of millennials report they would work more hours at their current primary job if given the opportunity"

"The housing market is heavily influenced by the level of personal satisfaction people feel for their current living environment.  When people feel less safe and less involved with their communities, the number of homes bought and sold grows."

"The personal savings rate can easily be predicted by how people respond to questions about their own financial security, as well as the current price of gasoline."

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